One of my deepest desires is to not let my marriage pain and divorce pain define my life, but to allow God to transform it into something beautiful. All of you, my readers, are a redemptive part of what God is doing with my pain, and I am so grateful.

So I’m coming to you with ways you can help me keep my ministry going AND growing. Two will involve money, the rest will so totally not. (I don’t even want to talk about the money ways, but I must. I’ll say them first and fast to get them out of the way.)

Ways you can help me reach as many hurting women as possible and KEEP doing what I do:

The money ways:

Buy my books and my e-books. You can find all of my paperback books here: and e-books here: I have been writing for thirteen years and I have a handful of vulnerable and honest books that can help you on your journey, pretty much no matter what you’re going through — young motherhood, mommy of young kids, going through a hard time, doubting God’s faithfulness, social justice, surviving in a hard marriage, and getting through a divorce.

Support me through Patreon. Patreon is awesome. Picture me like a guitar player, my blogs are my songs, and my guitar case is Patreon. You can give any amount you’d like, even starting at $1 per month if that’s what works for budget.  Check it out here:

The non-money ways:

Share the following on your Facebook page or Twitter:
-My blog:
-My Facebook author page:
-My Pinterest profile:
-Quotes from my books by joining my street team (email me at to join).

Share my speaker information with your Women’s Ministry Director or DivorceCare leader: I would love to come speak to your group, pretty much no Speaking 2012amatter where you’re located. My kids are older and I’m more available to travel.

Host an All Things New retreat in your area to reach out to other separated/divorced women who could use some encouragement. I will provide you with a checklist to help you create the event. Even if you’ve never planned an event, you can do this.

All of these steps will help me to grow this ministry and extend my reach. If you’re in a hard marriage, I was once where you are. I remember so vividly the pain. I want to help other women just like you, just like I was, and remind them that they are not alone…you can help me reach them.

And if you’re going through a divorce, I was once where you are, and still, in ways, pretty much am. I know how hard it is to readjust and heal and find my footing again. I want to help other women just like you, just like I am, and remind you and me and them that God has not abandoned us and he still wants to use us…you can help me reach them.

We can build something together.


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