I wait for the Lord, my soul waits..…for with the Lord there is…..abundant redemption. (v. 5, 7)

Sweet ones, are you waiting for something? For someone? For a change of circumstance? For a change of heart?

Are you waiting for a man to come along?
Are you in a difficult marriage and you are waiting for your husband to change or for that magical healing?
Are you separated and waiting for your limbo to come to an end?
Are you divorced and waiting to feel normal again?

I know. It’s okay. I’ve been all of these women.

Is your soul waiting?

And if so, is it waiting on the Lord? Are you waiting on God?
Or are you waiting in frustration? And discontentment? And in desperation?

I know. It’s all okay.  I’ve waited so much over the years…..for many, many good things…..some that have come to pass, some that have not.

And I have waited the right way…..on the Lord.
And I have waited the wrong way (read: all the other ways).
So it’s okay. All grace for you here.

But here is what I have found out after walking with Jesus all this time.  When I place myself in a posture to wait the quote-unquote right way…..on him…..something happens to me in the waiting.

I am changed. I find strength. I have a sense of hope. I can see just beyond the bend, even if just a little glimpse.

And then…..when the thing I was waiting for comes into view…..I see and taste that the Lord is good and I experience his abundant redemption.  Truly.

Because I believe the journey is just as important as the thing – however amazing the thing is – that we were waiting for.  And in the journey, if we are yielding to Christ, yielding to the waiting, yielding to the pain, yielding to the lessons, yielding to the transformation, yielding to the loneliness, then when the redemption comes – and it will come, sweet girls – we will experience it so much more richly and deeply and abundantly.

So in this Lenten season, wait. Don’t fight it. Surrender. Lay it down. Hold out your hand. God will take it.  And wait.



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