Hung the MoonAwhile ago, a girlfriend and I were discussing relationships, past and present, ours and others. (How’s that for perfectly vague?) She said something that has stuck with me for a couple years now…..she said that she wants her daughter to find someone who thinks she hung the moon.

Complete resonation. I immediately knew just what she meant. We all want that. And we would of course want that for our daughters, our children.

I want love to be something that, though I have to work at it and for it, no one else really should have to. I want love to be ethereal and easy. Within arm’s reach. Attainable. Pursuing. Fascinated and fascinating. Amazed and amazing. I want that ease for my daughter that I assume is there in all other relationships.

But I’m wondering these days if all the romance, as good as it can be, is more confusing then consuming. If, though a gift from God, if it’s really just the tease to get us hooked, but in a good way.

I think I know the answer. Love is in the hard work and hard days. It’s not, really, in the flowers and the cards and the walks on the beach. It’s the walking through the muck and mire and finding that you’ve stayed together through yet another fight, yet another day, yet another storm, yet another year, yet another resolution, yet another decade.

I know what my friend means. And I do want this for my daughter too. But I’m wondering if when I say this, I’m talking about myself. And I wonder, if I think about it, if what I really need then is to take my longing, that deep longing, and look just beyond my reality to see the One who did in actuality hang the moon.

Because it’s only in him that I’ll find the true romance and wooing, the deep knowing and pursuing that my heart is yearning for.


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