My feelings were hurt today. I shared something with someone that was pretty intimate, fairly vulnerable. Something, frankly, that I didn’t want to share. And it wasn’t received well. My heart was not handled gently. Which stinks, because I hate when it’s not. And because, I really am trying to work on handling other people’s hearts more gently.

So I turned on some music and let Jesus put me back together again. I am unlike Humpty Dumpty in that way. I can be put back together. In fact, sometimes in just minutes. I went into my bathroom to cry – as I tend to do – and came out maybe a half hour later, with a full heart, worshiping, encouraged, strengthened for the task ahead of me.

You see, I imagined giving the pieces of my heart to Jesus and I felt him tell me that not only would he gladly put them back together the right way, he would somehow put them back in a different shape, in a more beautiful way. Each and every time it’s broken. Each and every time I bring it to him for mending.

And he does. I’ve had my heart smashed open over the years, cracked open, run over, split in two, split in to a thousand. And each time I bring it back to Jesus, he takes my tears and my words, both audible and not so much, and my worship, and my requests for help and healing and filling, and he gently remedies, renews, renovates that broken thing, and hands it back to me more than all better.

It doesn’t always happen in minutes…..sometimes it’s taken years, but he does it. And I think I’m finding that not only does he delight in me coming to him with my broken heart in my hands, but somehow, it’s stronger, even if just a bit, each time he gets to spend extra time on it.  So take a little piece of my heart now…..


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