I am super excited about my newest book being out!  Not just because I poured my heart and soul into it, and not just because it was part of my own healing and redemption, and not just because I believe it will be a tool for healing in the lives of many women going through a divorce, but because I hope it has a side benefit.

My concern was that the niche for my book was pretty darn small. Divorcing.  Woman (because the cover is pink). Believes in Jesus. (Plus my friends and family, because they love me and feel obligated.)

But my bigger hope is that it is read by so many more people than that, a very specific group of people actually: people who know someone who is going through a divorce or people who minister to women and divorce is an issue that you’re coming up against more and more.

And why would I want you to read my book?  Because I didn’t wait until a year after my divorce was finalized to begin writing it.  Nope, despite some external protests, I began writing it before my official separation even began and wrote all the through until six months after my divorce.  All the way through.  This thing is raw, people.

And I want you to read it, even if you’re not a Jesus-believing, pink-loving divorcee because I want you – you who has a friend going through a horrible divorce and you don’t know how to love her well or you who are a pastor or women’s ministry director or small group leader and you see women in this situation more than you wish you did and you frankly don’t know what to do with them – to know how to love your friend, to know how to serve your congregant, your ministry participant, your small group member.  I want you to take a peek into her painful, isolated, shame-filled world and try to catch a glimpse of what she feels like, because when you do – when you really get her pain – you will learn how to not only not make matters worse but you will be able to love her and serve her well during her heartache.

So, not for my sake, but for the women you love and serve, please pick up a copy of Unraveling.  Read it, take notes on it, heck, email me with questions! Then pass it along to the very next woman who comes to you in tears that her marriage is over.  I think she will thank you.  And so will I.

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