Blog tours are fun because I get to write things that I wouldn’t normally write and I get to float around the web sharing about Unraveling.  Hope you’ll float along with me!

October 1: Ilona Hadinger                     
October 2: Jennifer Grant                      
October 3: Jenny Rae Armstrong         
October 4: Natasha Robinson               
October 7: Jen Pollock Michel               
October 8: Connie Smith Jakab             
October 9: Laurie McClure Hausam    
October 10: Angie Mabry-Nauta          
October 11: Gail Showalter                   
October 14: Angela D. Meyer          
October 15: Missy Robinson                  
October 16: Jackie Pilossoph                 

And a special thank you to all the great bloggers who rolled out the welcome mat and allowed me to be a part of their communities!

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