Flashback Fridaywith an excerpt from my second book, In Search of Calm

Mom, are you tired? Do you feel like you’re doing a thousand things, being pulled in a hundred directions, but not doing anything with excellence? Do you have so much on your mind that you leave Post-it® notes all around your house so you can jot down an idea or list when it comes to you? (Okay, maybe that one’s just me…)

“Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest,” said Jesus in the book of Matthew.

Come…it is an invitation…a standing invitation…He offers, and we must accept……to Me…there is only One who would be this bold, who could offer something so perfect for our need…Christ alone.

…all who…I wonder if He said this with a subtle smile in His voice…He knew that not only would we all feel this way from time to time, most of us – if we are honest – live with weariness and burdens as an underlying way of life…this is an offer not just to a select few…but to each one of us.

…are weary and burdened…it’s okay to admit it – you’re tired sometimes…maybe more than you’d like to let on. You have a ton of things on your mind – some trivial…what should the kids wear for school pictures?, what should I bring for Thanksgiving?, how will we pay that dentist bill?…Some not so trivial…will my Dad survive the cancer?, will my husband keep his job?, will I be able to patch things up with my friend? He knows….

…and I will give you rest…Can you even imagine? How confident of Him. Almost nervy. Especially because He does know what our lives are like. Yet that is the one thing He felt we all needed the very most. Rest. I love even the sound of that word, let alone the concept. His offer to step into our circumstances, to navigate so we don’t have to, to listen to our hearts so we don’t have to walk through this with the weight of the world on our shoulders. He’s ready and waiting. He offers something to you and to me…something that we need so desperately…a gentle yet strong dose of rest…and He is the only One who can truly propose this to us…because He is the only One who knows us completely, holds us up completely, and loves us completely.

Personal Touch

Mom, take a deep breath, and just go to Him…stop what you’re doing and just go. Breathe in and whisper to yourself to ‘be silent and know that He is God’…then breathe out and remind yourself that you are completely and amazingly loved. He’ll meet you right there. He’ll bring you rest.


Dear God, I am tired. Like, really, completely emotionally worn out. I need something from You. I need You to be the lifter of my head and the encourager of my heart. Please pour out Your rest over my soul. Lead me beside still waters. I love You. Amen.

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