Dear friends, I want to share something with you that I’m excited about.  I was recently on my way home from leading a guided retreat in someone’s home.  It was three hours of talking about how God works in our lives and discussion and prayer and solitude and I left there full and grateful for the beauty of women’s hearts.  And on my drive home, I thought to myself, I should come up with a retreat like this specifically for women who are divorced.  I jotted it down to think about later.

The next day, I jumped on my private Facebook page for women who are separated/divorced and one of the gals had posted, “There seem to be quite a few of us somewhat near —…perhaps Elisabeth could drive a few hours our way for a retreat/meet-up??”

I don’t believe in coincidences.  Not in the least.  So I immediately took this idea to God and basically said, “This is yours. If you want this to come to pass, please open up wide opportunities and ideas and doors.”

I believe retreats for divorced women just aren’t out there right now, for a number of reasons.

I believe that divorced women need to be poured into in special ways, and there is a need for something like this.

I believe in “…for such a time as this…”, and I am declaring that I am humbly willing to try to take this on.

I have no idea what this might look like.  And I do know that our largest obstacle would be money, as it usually is for most things.

So I am coming to you to ask for prayer.  If you have a heart for women who have been through divorce, please pray with me that something will come of this.  The former Women’s Ministry Director in me wants to start coercing things into place, but the newer me wants to wait on God and see what he might do with all of this.  So I will wait and I will pray and I will dream, and I invite you to come along for the journey.


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