One of the gals in my private Separated/Divorced Facebook community suggested we hold a simultaneous releasing ceremony, so we are!  And I am inviting you to join us.

All of us have something we are holding onto right now and though we are each at very different stages of our grieving process and forgiving process, we could all be benefited by trying this.

So, on Wednesday, July 24 at 7pm CST, we will be joining together (though all apart, individually, in our own lives and wherever we live) in a releasing ceremony.

Here are some steps to prepare (feel free to add or subtract to these):

1.       Though there are a ton of amazing books on forgiveness, if you want to read a few things, check out this list of posts I’ve written on the topic.

2.       Ask God if there is something he wants you to let go of.  This does not have to be marriage or divorce related; it could be anything.  (If nothing is coming to mind for you, but you have the time, please plan to stop for a few moments and pray for those of us who are participating: that our hearts will be open and willing. and that God will set us free.)

3.       Write your issue down and any feelings that come to mind of anger, sadness, fear, resentment, failure, guilt, whatever.  It could be a letter to God, to the person you’re upset with, or just a bunch of crazy scribbled notes.

4.       Ask God: to help you forgive; to help you let go; to release this person/situation to him (picture yourself taking this person off of your hook and placing him on God’s hook); to forgive you for holding onto bitterness; to bless this person; to redeem this situation; to help you forget the details but remember the pain inasmuch as it will help you grow and not make the same mistakes again and help others; to help you move forward with a purer, lighter heart.

5.       Decide upon a ritual…in what way you are going to figuratively release it (tie a note to a balloon, write a word on a rock and toss it into a pond, bury a letter in a field, burn or tear up or shred your writings, or just a time of concentrated prayer, etc.)

6.       At 7pm CST on Wednesday, July 24, I will offer a prayer and then each in our own way – wherever we are in the world – will do our releasing.  If you can’t do it at that time, just do it when you can.

If you just don’t have anything right now that’s on your heart, don’t force it and make something up.  Let the Spirit guide you.  But if you do…if this resonates with you…please join us. And let’s allow God to release something new and good in us.

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