Music is a balm to me and moving through my divorce was no exception.  So many songs connected with my soul in intimate ways that brought me comfort and healing, and so here, I share some of my favorites with you, in case you’re looking for that special song to help pull you through.

Come Into My World                           Amy Grant
Overnight                                              Amy Grant
Even the Winter                                   Audrey Assad
Wherever You Go                                Audrey Assad
How Emptiness Sings                           Christa Wells
One Day                                                Christa Wells
Rise Up                                                The Odes Project
Find Me in the River                            Delirious
Moving Forward                                   Free Chapel
Beautiful Things                                    Gungor
Desert Song                                          Hillsong United
The Valley Song                                    Jars of Clay
Shelter                                                   Jars of Clay
Abide                                                     Jenny & Tyler
Steel Bars                                              Jill Philips
Someday                                                JJ Heller
While I’m Waiting                                John Waller
Rise                                                         Josh Garrels
I Will Go Before                                    Justin Unger
A Million Pieces                                   Kim Hill
Always                                                    Kristian Stanfill
Be Still My Soul                                     Leigh Nash
No Condemnation                                Lisa Bevill
Gone                                                      Melody Olson
God Will Take Care of You                  Plumb
Whatever You’re Doing                      Sanctus Real
It’s Going to Be Alright                        Sara Groves
Like a Lake                                            Sara Groves
Rise                                                         Shawn McDonald
I Receive                                                Vineyard Music

Enjoy and let Jesus bring you healing…


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