I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned this year as a mom and it comes down to one lesson really. Letting go. 

I’ve had to let my kids go in totally new ways this year. 

I let them jump on their bikes and ride around our neighborhood without knowing where they are every second (this is seriously totally new for me). 

I have to let them walk out of my house several times a month, praying a covering of protection over them, sitting on our stairs with tears in my eyes as they are driven away. 

I have to let them have their own lives. My kids have their own lives. They think thoughts and say words and text texts that have nothing to do with me. Their worlds are shifting from me being at the center to them and their friends being at the center. I’m an outsider. I’m an observer. 

Don’t get me wrong…I’ve still got much to pour into them. But it’s occurring to me, as my youngest will be a freshman in the fall, that I’m definitely on the downhill side of things. My main job now is to work on prying my fingers off their hearts and lives. 

I feel like I’m running alongside a train while yelling final instructions. 

Choose your friends well.
Take care of widows and orphans.
Only text what you would actually say face-to-face.
Having a church family is more important than you think it is at your age.
Brush your teeth!

So much more I want to say. So much more they need to know. 

And then I remember…as I let them go…I’m letting them go into the hands of God. I made a truckload of mistakes, my life has been messy and shaky, but I’ve also always been held and it’s also a beautiful life I’m living. 

I let go and I remember that they’ll be just fine. No matter what.

If this post helped you, “Moving On as a Christian Single Mom” is for you, found here.


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