Sometimes, you’ve just got to remember what’s good in your life and what you love.1. Going for a bike ride after sixteen years of not riding one.
2. Walks with my dog around the pond. (Crazy.)
3. Sitting between my kids at church on Sunday morning (it no longer happens as frequently as I like so I don’t take it for granted when it does).
4. Sitting between my kids on the couch for our weekly pizza night.
5. Texts, emails and calls from my friends.
6. My Kindle.
7. Writing.
8. Readers who send me emails saying thank you.
9. Perfect spring days.
10. Naps.
11. Powerberries from Trader Joe’s.
12. My small group.
13. Knowing that I’m more healed than I was a year ago and I’ll be even more healed in another year.
14. Rising above shame.
15. God making sure I know I’m seen and loved.

How about you? What do you love about your life today?


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