This month was boring. This month, we had to just wear seven items of clothing all month. My cheats were that I didn’t count pj’s in my list of seven, and to be honest, I sometimes wear pj’s all day, for days on end. My only other cheat, really, was wearing something a bit more professional to a pretty important meeting that jeans and a t-shirt wouldn’t have sufficed for. Other than that, I stuck to it. 

The harder part was my own spin: no clothes shopping for me the entire month as well. I didn’t realize how hard this would be for me. I mean, I know I love to shop for clothes, but dang. There were two times when I took Sara out and I practically was hyperventilating not being able to pick up anything cute for myself. 

So, what I did instead: spent the money on other things. The first time was the Easter dress I desperately wanted to buy for myself, but since I didn’t buy it, I sent that money to Samaritan’s Purse. The tornado victims need it more than I need to feel sophisticated on Easter. And another time I was able to bless a friend of mine with a couple things I knew she really wanted. Her thanks made up for me not having an extra t-shirt or two in my closet. 

We ended the month, fittingly, with a clothing swap at my place. If you’ve never done one of these, they’re totally fun. I call it Eat | Pray | Swap. (Get it?!) Having about eight to ten women is ideal. You all bring about twenty items and then, after eating and praying, you dive in and try not to fight anyone else for the cute little top or skirt that you’ve had your eye on all night. I then packed up all the remaining items and will bring it to the local shelter. We all walked away with a few new-to-us things, we cleaned out our closets, and we helped our community all in one night.  

To be honest, didn’t learn a ton this month. I know I like to shop…but I knew that going in. I know I can go without that one new thing. And I made myself say no more. Hoping that sticks around a while. We’ll see. 

Next month is possessions. Give seven things away each day. Yep, two hundred and ten things. I already know how I’m needing to cheat on this one…but we’ll talk about that next month. Til then, happy 7-ing. 

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