Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we wait.  In quietness.  In expectation.  In hope.

We get to know what they didn’t know.  That what you said was going to happen was really going to happen.
This thing I believe is the craziest of things.  I know.  I get it.  A man dying for me.  Him taking on everything I’ve ever done wrong.  Then this same man coming back to life.  It’s crazy.  And I believe it so deep down into my bones that I will never not think it to be absolutely true.

So today I wait.  I wait on what I know will be true tomorrow.  And when I say tomorrow, I mean it metaphorically.  Because it’s already happened and because it keeps happening and because it will happen once and for all one final time.

Today I wait not without hope.  I wait knowing.  I can know that all will come to pass, that all will be made right, that I am being saved each and every day, that I will one day walk completely healed and whole, that I will one day stop feeling this feeling of yearning and of lack because it will all be okay.

I believe in Jesus because he has changed me.  Because he has set me free.  Because he is with me all the time.  Because he has brought me so far.  Because he loved me before I knew him.  Because he loves me like no one else ever has or ever will.  Because I can feel that love.  Because I am different.  Because I have joy.  Because even though my life has been filled with pain on and off for its entirety, I am held and covered and so much more.  I believe in Jesus because he finds me precious.  He sees me and knows me and still finds me precious.

So today I wait.  And I am honored to do so because I know what’s coming.

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