When I first felt deep down that my story was not mine alone and I knew I was being asked, if you will, to share my heart and life with more than just my friends, I didn’t fully know what to expect.  I knew after ten years of public speaking that there were women who would come up to me after a talk and whisper, “My marriage is hard and I don’t know what to do,” or “You’re the first person I’m telling this too, but my husband…”  I knew there were women out there who were hurting, who might gain something from hearing how I’ve walked this road, or at the very least, that they aren’t alone (which, as it turns out, is a very powerful thing to know).

I got some backlash from people who disagree with me and my story, which we’ve already discussed.  But I wasn’t expecting the floodgates pouring open from women and men who are hurting.

These are just some of the things I’ve heard over the past week:

“I have been SEARCHING for a blog like yours–even prayed, “Oh, Father–if you can just show me ONE woman out there who is having to suffer through this hell, I know I can make it.”

“I will translate your article into Spanish to share it with my daughter so she can read it and try to learn the most she can.”

Your story has been a source of encouragement to women who have kept silent about their pain.”

You have refreshed my spirit to actually meet a Christian woman who is willing to be real.”

“An email about your article was in my inbox this morning and I can only believe that it was God’s hand. I desperately needed to read your story.”

“I’m eager to learn and listen from this journey you are in. Thank you for sharing your bleeding heart…”

My Dear Sister— I came right to your blog. The Lord led me right to it and as I read it…I was moved and I knew it came right on time…I am an adult son of a mother who is really going through the thick of it….my parents have been married for 40 years. I showed her your writing today and she wept and wept…. You are Beloved of the Most High.”

Side note: when I told my daughter this morning that someone was going to translate my article into Spanish for his daughter, she said, “Mom, you’re changing lives…I’m so proud of you.” (Frankly, those are the only words I would’ve needed to hear this week to overlook the unkind ones.)

But there have been more.  In fact, for every one horrible thing I’ve seen in the past week, I have probably read five or more stories like this.  This hurts my heart because so, so many people are in pain.  This encourages me to keep writing because I want to reach out with the comfort I’ve received.  And this humbles me, because all of those moments sobbing on my bathroom floor had a purpose.  Brokenness turned into freedom.  Freedom turned into comfort.  Comfort turned into healing.  Healing turned into redemption.  Redemption turned into helping others who are broken.  And the cycle, so I pray, will go on.


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