Today is the ultimate in between.  We stand between the death of our Savior and await his resurrection.  I can only imagine the confusion and despair that fell over the first followers of Jesus who did not know what was coming.
But thankfully, we do.  Jesus did not stay wrapped in burial clothing, he did not stay in the darkened tomb, the stone did not remain fixed, his body did not stay broken.  How hopeless life would be if that were the case.
But if there’s breath, there is hope.  And there was surely breath.
So today we wait.  We know of the resurrection of the Easter story, but we can relate to the first disciples in that we don’t know our earthly outcomes.  We, too, are waiting.  We do not know what tomorrow holds, when that phone call will come, how that meeting will go, what the test results will say, when our child will return, if that relationship will ever mend.  We can sit in our waiting today and let it stir our hearts to think of the waiting of the disciples.
Today, let’s pause…let’s not jump ahead to Sunday, though it is most definitely coming.  But let’s sit in our humanness and our lack of foresight and let our breath catch in our throats as we remember that we have no idea of our future.  But we do know the One who does.

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