I wrote this over a year ago but just stumbled upon it…thought it might encourage someone today.

I have a friend who I love deeply. She just called with an urgent request for prayer. Something bad might be happening to her body as we speak and I’m beside myself with sadness for her.

At the same time, I just read that International Justice Mission is about to go on a raid of a rice mill to set free sixteen slaves.

Still at the same time, my kids are upstairs eating tacos and being loud and obnoxious, but in a really good, kid, brother/sister way.

And I have a splitting headache.

And you’re making dinner.

And someone’s having a fight.

And he is driving home.

And she is wishing she were anywhere but here.

And the world keeps spinning. Even when someone’s heart is breaking, even when another’s body is breaking.

We keep going on. Even when we don’t want to. And we don’t carry the weight of the world on our shoulders or no one would be able to get up out of bed in the morning.

So we pray and we talk and we hope and we cry and it feels like nothing but it’s all really something deep. And the Kingdom is moved and built and maybe changed and brought down to earth. And we mourn and we celebrate and we sit with the good and the bad and we beg Jesus to sort it all out and help us hold it in our hearts.

And we wait.


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