The older I get, the more convinced I am that every moment is a gift to us and that we delight God when we notice. I’ve been working on living more intentionally lately. When I’m outside, I remind myself to take bigger, deeper, longer breaths. When I’m with my kids, I really try to listen and laugh a lot harder.When I’m eating a food I love, I chew longer and sit quietly to make sure I’m savoring it.


Yesterday, I had two such moments. My son and I took a walk down the road just a few minutes to a restaurant that had recently gone out of business. This restaurant sits on a few acres of beautiful property surrounded by three ponds. No one was there but us so we explored and discovered. We came upon a porch swing overlooking one of the ponds and we walked up two flights of stairs and found the perfect sunset-watching spot. And we must have each said a half dozen times, “This weather is perfect,” while soaking it all in. Other than one “thank You, Jesus for this day!”, it was not a hugely quote-unquote spiritual time. I didn’t use that time to talk about creation or to impart some biblical truth. But I took it in and, I could tell, so did Jack.


And earlier in the day, I was in the car by myself, windows open wide, music blasting. I was singing along to Black Eyed Peas, if I remember correctly, and just letting go. And at one point I felt God tell me that He loves watching me enjoy life. It wasn’t a praise song by any stretch of the imagination (though I’ve worshiped loudly alone in my car as well) but I still felt God’s delight.


Life is hard and complicated sometimes. My life is hard and complicated right now.I spend an awful lot of time thinking obsessive thoughts and furrowing my brow and clenching my teeth.I don’t think those moments bring a huge smile to God’s face.But I do think He truly loves it when I just belt out a song or twirl in the breeze or laugh really loud or stare at our kittens with glee or smile when a cardinal flies in front of me or breathe in deep of fresh morning air or hold my son’s hand while on a walk.


I want to give him more of those moments to delight in.


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