Jesus said, “There is nothing to fear.”


Luke 5:10a (The Message)




When I was journaling this morning, I wrote down five things that are on my mind today.Little things and big things.




Two nights in a row, I’ve been up in the middle of the night for about two hours.Hate that.Concerns me a bit, because I used to do this all the time.




I’m starting to get my newest book out there just a bit. Testing the waters. I have never felt more unsure about something I’ve written then this thing. I don’t know what kinds of responses to expect. Though I’m thinking things like “blech” and “stop writing”. Maybe that’s a girl thing.




A work thing with someone in my family just came up that’s a little disconcerting.




A thought that I thought I let go of has resurfaced and it’s getting under my skin. Unnerving to say the least. Like I can’t control what comes into my head or something.




And then something that’s been brought to my attention about my children and my parenting.I needed to hear it but I don’t know what to do with it.




Then I read, after creating my list of woes, some words of Jesus. I spent Thanksgiving through Christmas leisurely reading Luke one and two to allow myself to ruminate on the Christmas story. And then I decided to keep right on reading in Luke because when was the last time I actually read one of the gospels? Yikes. So I’m in Luke 5 where Jesus has pushed himself out onto the lake in a boat to speak to the masses on the beach. And he has just told Simon to toss the net back in after a tough fishing day. And Simon doesn’t want to but he does, out of respect or to be kind or to placate. And the net is full to overflowing and he drops to his knees in worship. And Jesus says to him, “There is nothing to fear.”




But I just listed five things that are concerning me.Therefore, that are worrying me.Which really means I’ve got five things just this morning that I fear.I fear insomnia.I fear being tired every day.I fear that I cannot write to save my life.I fear no one will like this new thing.I fear this weird work situation.I fear this nagging thought.And I fear that I’m messing up my children.




But Jesus says, there is nothing to fear.Nothing.Not when He’s in the picture.And He is in my picture.




So I laid it all down.I ran it through my little grid…what can I change, what can I do not a thing about, what do I have no idea how to handle?And I laid it down again.And then I praised God and thanked Him that He was God and I am not, and I asked Him for wisdom and to entangle some of these things.




Because today Jesus told me not to fear and today I’m choosing to obey.

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