Do you ever feel stuck?Either across the board in life or in just one area?It can be maddening, can’t it?

I was just ruminating on something and realized that I feel like I’m spinning my wheels.Like I’ve done all I really know to do and yet, here I am, sitting here looking at the same thing.

The image that came to mind was of two people in a canoe. I have no experience with this at all, so my analogy will be purely conjecture, but I’m hoping it’s still effective.

If both people are paddling in sync, they can go places.Fast and far.And together.This is the ideal.And it’s a thing of beauty to behold when all forces of nature fall into place.

If one person is paddling and the other is sitting still, well, they won’t get as far. And they’ll be dragging. And the paddler might get a tad bit resentful of the non-paddler, unless of course, the non-paddler specifically said, I could use a break or something like that. But if the non-paddler isn’t paddling for any particular reason, maybe just sitting there metaphorically reading a magazine or something, well then, there might be some issues.

If one person is paddling and the other is not just sitting still, but has their paddle in the water straight up and down doing the thing I would imagine should be done if you’re trying to stop or turn the canoe, and this person is doing it without the consent or maybe even knowledge of the paddler, again, problems. Now, they’re not just moving slowly, they might be moving sideways or, worse, backwards. And that poor paddler is getting tired. And, if I had to guess, a bit ticked. I could even see the paddler suggesting they each get their own canoe or that the belligerent co-canoe-r might want to think about taking a long walk off a short pier. Hypothetically and metaphorically, of course.

So maybe this persevering paddler just gets so tired but yet chooses not to tip the boat to get rid of the “excess baggage” and instead decides to take a break…to stop paddling herself for awhile…just enjoy the view, rest her arms, stop fighting it so much. Well, that’s all good and fine. And everyone needs some rest from time to time. But eventually, she needs to get going again. There are streams to explore and fish to catch and time’s a-wastin’.

So, despite her co-canoe-r’s lack of paddling, she takes some deep breaths and starts up again.But this time, fully rested, she paces herself.She continues to take in the sights along the way, realizing that she actually can enjoy the view now that she’s going more slowly (look at her putting a positive spin on things).She makes sure to stop for more frequent breaks to fill up and to rest, knowing that she’s carrying the weight of two.And just when she feels it’s unfair or all too much, she happens to notice that’s when she sees a sunset or a cool bird formation or some gorgeous flower that she’s never seen before, and suddenly she almost forgets there’s some dead weight in back.

Are you stuck?I am a little bit.But I’m taking in the sights along the way, I’m taking breaks and deep breaths, and I am looking for those sunsets, because there is plenty of beauty to be found, no matter how tired my arms get.



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