Luke 1:35a


The angel answered {to Mary}, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you.”




I want that.Come, Holy Spirit.Overshadow me, Most High.Surprise me, Baby Jesus.I am watching and waiting this year in a new way.I am expectant.I don’t care about the presents or the Christmas letter or the gatherings.I am looking for You.For signs of You — footprints, broken branches, snapped twigs, anything.I need an overshadowing this Christmas.I am longing for Your power.I thirst for nearness, Jesus.Be born in me again this holiday.




And it’s not just You as baby that I long for.It’s the coming in general.It’s what Your first coming represents.That You’ve actually been here on this earth, in my form.That You’re actually in my heart now.That You actually are in each breath and circumstance and laugh and tear.That You see every single thing, know every single hurt.That You actually will come again…that You’re coming will be complete.Please come.Thank You for coming.




So fill me up, sweet Jesus, powerful Lord, redeeming, overshadowing Savior – fill me with expectation and hope.And give me a pondering, willing, surrendered heart, like Mary’s “be to me as you have said”, to take it all in.

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