I was talking with a friend who was telling me that she has been struggling with feeling a real disconnect with God. She’s a fairly new believer and she’s never really felt his presence, she says. She got baptized, hoping that might kick it into high gear, but to no avail. (Let me rephrase…she got baptized out of obedience and was hoping that intimacy would ensue…she didn’t do it for the closeness.) She’s in a Bible study. She comes to church every Sunday. She serves. She prays. She has quiet times. And, nothin’.




Basically, I said, it sounds like you’re having a very human spiritual experience.




I gave her some advice, because she was looking for advice.I suggested that she check her heart to make sure she wasn’t in some kind of God-blocking sin.I suggested she commit to time with Jesus each day.I suggested she find a way she can serve that will be fulfilling.I suggested she speak truth out loud…tell herself things she knows…that she is saved, that the Holy Spirit does dwell inside of her, that she is loved completely.I suggested she realize that a lot of the spiritual walk is just doing the thing we know we should be doing and trusting that it’s building a bridge between us and God.




And then I prayed that she would feel, tangibly feel, God’s presence and peace. That He would speak to her in ways that she would notice. That her spiritual eyes would be open.




And the rest, really, is up to God.

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