Here’s what I also had wish I said to my friend.




I wish I told her to keep wanting more. That it is good to long for more of God. To not stuff the feelings down of wanting to feel Him. To not chalk it up to “well, I guess that’s all there is…”




Because there is so much more available. The abundant life does start now. Not when we break through eternity. Our eternal life, for those of us who know Christ, has begun. So has our abundant life.



I don’t have the answers to why some feel God as close as their breath day in and day out, and why some may live their entire Christian lives with only a glimpse.




But I know that I have seen both. I have walked through stretches of life where, other than nature itself, there is nothing that points to the truth of God in my life. And I have walked hand in hand with Jesus for sweet, sweet seasons. And it’s the real thing and He is as alive as I am…more so.




So, my revised advice would be to pray for more awareness but also more desire.Because I would so much rather wish for something glorious that maybe only comes in slivers then give up on the glory altogether.


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