What I’ve got today is an overwhelming gratitude for my friends. A deep gratitude. An I’m-just-realizing-how-God-has-used-them-to-fill-in-the-gaps kind of gratitude. This isn’t just me thinking it’s cool that I get to go out to eat with them, light and fluffy, kind of thing.




No, it’s much deeper than that.




Just this week alone, I’ve had fireside discussions with two.


I’ve had breakfast and conversation with one.


I’ve had encouraging texts and a voicemail from another.


I’ve gotten celebratory words of affirmation via email from another.


I’ve gotten sounding-board advice from another.


I’ve shared dinner and joy with another.


I think I might’ve teared up with each one as well. But in a good way.




I’ve also had morning candlelit tea every day this week with another special Someone.




My life is full relationally.My soul is well tended.My thoughts are fully heard.My burdens are carried.My joys are shared.My heart is at capacity.




And just when I think it’s not…when it’s emptied out by something that life or my enemy, or a combination, puts in my path, it mysteriously gets filled right back up again.




I don’t walk alone. I never have. And I never will.




Like I said, overwhelming.


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