So I’m walking outside and I ask Jesus to talk to me. I’ve been doing all the talking lately, I say. Talk to me. Tell me something I don’t know.




Here’s what my heart heard:




I love you, sweet girl.


I love you if you go for a run, if you walk instead, or even if you sit on the couch.


I love you if you memorize another twenty-seven verses or if you never memorize another one the rest of your life.


I love you if you run that 5k you’re thinking about next year or if you just think about running that 5k.


I love you if you go on all three trips next year or if you don’t go on any.


I love you if you barely hang on with that thing or if it completely changes and you’re able to flourish in it.


I love you if you write this book or if you never write another word.


I love you if everyone else likes you or if you feel that no one does.


I love you when you sin and when you refrain.


I love you when you yell and when you hold your tongue.


I love you when you eat an apple or when you eat five cookies.


I love you on your accomplishing days or on your shopping days.


I love you if you do everything or if you do nothing.


Lay it all down. Give it all to Me. I’ve got it. I’ve got you.


I love you.




I needed that.




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