So, I thought I would look back on my today and see how I did in the radical department…if I took any of my own advice. Thought it also might enhance my credibility a bit if you see that I occasionally actually do live out what I write.




So, here was my list:




I can eat fewer cookies.


I really did eat fewer cookies. In fact, at one point, I went for one but instead grabbed an apple. (To be fair, the day is only half over though.)




I can watch less television.


Finished reading my small group chapter instead of plopping down for ten minutes of channel surfing.




I can go for a run or walk or do some kind of exercise that shows God I actually do appreciate this healthy body He’s given me.


Yep, even though the actual running part sucked for some reason (just one of those days). The cool-down walk ended up being an intimate time with Jesus, though, as did the impromptu long way home only to find myself gasping and giggling at the colors of the trees around each bend, and waving my hands (okay, hand) out of my sunroof out of sheer joy at the beauty of this day.




I can pray a bit longer than usual…for my children, my husband, my friends, my world.


Wrote out some prayers for my family and friends. Things I maybe wouldn’t have prayed about if I hadn’t just written the original blog moments before.




I can read something about HIV that will build up my knowledge and therefore my passion.


Read a 39-page thesis that reminded me why I care so much about this issue.




I can write something for my next book that will move it one day forward.


Truth be told, I spent only about five minutes on this today. But there’s always tomorrow.




I can look again at those few verses that for some reason I couldn’t seem to memorize and take another crack at them.


Well, I did a refresher course on my first batch of memorized ones, and I re-read those stubborn final six that are tripping me up.




I can do some investigating about my next trip or two.


Yep, sent some emails and looked into flights. Prayed about them again too.




I can speak the truth to myself. Days alone at home can be long and quiet…which I happen to treasure…but I tend to, sometimes perhaps, talk to myself a bit. And sometimes what I say is not only unkind (idiot, why did you spill that?) but untrue (she hasn’t responded because she doesn’t like you…). So I can start saying true things to myself when I’m alone and in the quiet.


Didn’t spill anything today; again, so far. 🙂




I also did do the laundry, per usual, but I prayed for each person in my family as I sorted. And I did marinate some salmon but I thanked God that we have enough food. And I did eat a cookie or two, because life is for the enjoying.




I can choose to not waste my day, and therefore my life.


Hopefully, I didn’t.




A little self-evaluation now and then is good for the soul.




And Sheli, thank you for a better, more intentional, day than I would’ve had without your text of encouragement.


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