I almost wrote this for my Facebook status: “Just built the Kingdom a little bit more this morning,” as a follow-up to what I posted earlier: “This morning holds three women spending time with Jesus. Only Good can come.”




And though I feel that’s true – that the Kingdom was built in that kitchen with the three of us, and three of their children at our feet – that belies something that I don’t believe to hold true. And that is that Kingdom work is only spiritual stuff.




Because my Facebook status could say what I wanted it to say but it would not just be because I met with two women and we opened the Word and asked Jesus to change us.




I have built the Kingdom a little bit more this morning because I woke up at 5:25am so I could make breakfast for my kids.




And because I prayed with them before they walked out the door to catch the bus.




And because I spent time with Jesus getting filled up.




And because I held my tongue with my husband.




And because I prayed in the car on the way to my friend’s house.




And because I gave the girls’ hugs and we prayed and we read the Word and we talked and I reached over to touch an arm when tears came and we prayed some more, for healing, for Light to shine into us, for the enemy to back off.




And because I thanked Jesus once I got back in my car for letting me be a part of this, for being his partner in helping some women hopefully move a bit farther ahead with him.




And because on my way home I stopped to take a walk along a path and took in deep breaths and praised Jesus for his creation and let the colors and the cool breeze stir my soul.




And because I made myself some hot chocolate and finished a good book, and thanked him for both good things.




And because when my son called from school just now asking if I could bring him an allergy pill, I did it without making him feel like he just put me out.




And because after giving him his pill, I put my hand on his shoulder and prayed for him in the middle of the school hallway, and he let me and told me he loved me.




And because I’m writing these words right now.




And because I will go on to have a little lunch and to welcome my kids home from their day and to make my family dinner and to help with homework (this will only be Kingdom building if I don’t mutter thirty-seven times how much I hate doing homework though).




And because I have been talking to Jesus throughout and plan to continue to do so.Because, as Jane Rubietta writes, “Just a smile, and we hasten the kingdom.”Because it’s all these things and so much more and so much less that help us pull heaven down here and all around us.




Because I need a little more of the Kingdom in my daily life.Because my heart’s desire is “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

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