I really do believe that every person walking around on this planet is carrying within himself or herself some pain or disappointment or sadness. And I’m willing to, again, be so bold as to say that if you claim that you’re not, your lying. Or completely unaware.




And I really do believe that there are two camps of people in this world. Those who acknowledge their pain and those who don’t, for a multitude of reasons.




For those of us who do acknowledge its existence, there are two choices. Ignore it. Or deal with it. And if you’re fortunate enough to have Jesus in your life, He is hands down the best companion through pain.




But for those of us who don’t acknowledge it, who honestly cannot see or feel their pain or, maybe worse yet, who see it and feel it but don’t know what to do with it, one thing typically happens, though it may show itself in many forms. It comes out sideways. Love that image. Meaning, it comes out in anger at someone else or mistreatment of yourself or an addiction to alcohol or food or shopping or any manner of things.




The pain will come out, because it has to, it just won’t come out appropriately.




It’s these people that I understand, because I used to be one, I’m just realizing.I was a very sad woman fifteen some years ago.But my sadness didn’t come out.Anger came out in its place, and it wasn’t pretty.Along with talking too much to too many people.And perhaps, a small shopping addiction, if truth be told.




I’m grateful to say that I’m just not that sad anymore, which means I don’t yell as much, nor do I talk to as many people about inappropriate things, nor do I shop. Well, okay, recovery is a process.




But because I’ve been there – in the role of “what’s really going on deep inside that’s making me act like this” – I cannot only understand, but I can remember the loneliness that goes with the covering up. And I feel compassion for this sector of people who live sideways. It’s a sad way to live, it’s an unexamined way to live, it is a hard-to-truly-connect-with-God-and-others way to live. And I don’t wish it on anyone.




So, if you think you might be hurting, or pushing down some kind of hurt, take a deep breath or two, say a prayer, get some help, and start dealing with the thing.It will be difficult, I guarantee it.But the view from this side of the pain is outstanding.

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