Fun is underrated.




I just got back from a weekend away with two women I adore.It was stories and silliness and pampering and just plain fun.




I think our souls needed that. I know mine did. Life can be serious. Life is serious. A lot of the time. There are hard things, grown up things, to deal with. Medical issues. Financial troubles. Relational strains. Conflicts to manage. Sin to confess. Kids and marriages to tend to. Throw in a few hundred loads of laundry into the mix and you’ve got adulthood.




So a weekend of fun every now and then can do something more for me than just what happens during that time away. It gave me something, albeit temporary and situational, to look forward to. It filled me up while I was there. (At one point I even sighed and said, I’m so circumstantially happy right now.)And it has left me closer to these two women and filled with great memories and inside jokes.




It reminded me that I’ve got good friends who’ve got my back, even if our days are all filled with different things that keep us running in other directions at times. It reminded me that Jesus cares about the smallest detail of my life. It reminded me that He wants to give me good things, and that it can be an act of worship to receive it all gratefully and joyfully. And now it’s sent me back into my real life rested – well, I’m really tired, so not rested physically per se – but mentally and emotionally.




I think we all could stand to have a little more fun.Think how much better this world might be.


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