Psalm 73:28


But as for me, it is good to be near God.


I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge.


I will tell of all His deeds.




This verse feels like a gentle breeze on a just-warm-enough day with a cup of tea in my hand. This verse wraps around me. Like a blanket. Like protection. Like love.




But as for me.I can only speak for myself.And after years of walking with Christ, this is one thing that I am confident in saying.




It is good, more than good, for me to be near God. As near as I can. So close I hear the whispers. So next-to that the shadow of His wing is my covering.




I have made.I have chosen.I have been intentional.I have come to Him time and time again.He has been my first thing, my best thing.Not as much as I wish, but it’s becoming more so every day.




The Sovereign Lord. Who’s in control? Surely not me. Who knows every thing? Only One can. Who is all-powerful? My Sovereign Lord. Why wouldn’t I want to depend on Him?




My refuge. I sink into these words. I let this phrase surround me. I picture a cleft in a rock by a stream and a large, old tree for shade. I can hunker down here. I can be refreshed here. I am safe here.




I will tell. I need to speak, use my words, express what I feel deep down inside. I can’t keep it inside, and I don’t want to.




Of all His deeds.There are so many.Volumes and volumes.And that’s just what He’s done in my life.So much good He has done.




So as for me, I’m going to get as close as I can to my good, all-knowing God, and let His love enfold around me, hem me in, and shelter me.



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