I just led my first meeting of a new team, in a new environment, with people I didn’t really know. I was nervous. Would I come across as a know-it-all? Would I come across as a she-doesn’t-know-anything? Would I be overly confident? Overly nervous? Say the wrong thing. Not say enough of anything of substance. Add to that, this particular team feels different than other things I’ve been involved in. As in, I have a feeling I’m onto something here…like this was the first of many meetings of this team…tackling a huge, important, weighty task…a new day. No pressure, Beth.




So, like I said, I was ner-vous. So I did what I do when I’m nervous…I prepared the best I could, and I prayed the best I could. Even prayed with a team member as we walked through the parking lot and into the building. (I so want Jesus in this.) And then I did the thing. Because that’s what grown-ups do.




But as I was driving away, I was thinking about the meeting and how it went and how I feel I handled it and how I think I felt pretty good about it…that it went pretty well. That I laid a pretty good foundation. That I sounded like I might have known a little of what I was talking about. That I hopefully balanced confident and humble, my main prayer request.




And then this thought came to me. I’m not new at this. And when I say this, I mean leading. Teams. Heck, life.I’ve been around the block.You don’t get to (almost) 39 without some experience.I can say that I started and led for ten years a women’s ministry, with teams and meetings and events.I can say that I started and have led for a year an AIDS task force, with teams and meetings and events.




Basically, I know stuff now.Not everything, but some things. Some very important things. I may be brand new at leading this particular team of people in this particular kind of organization.But I’m not brand new at leading.And leading is one of my spiritual gifts.God put it in me when He was thinking me up, so there’s some basic skill there.Add to that, I read about leadership.I’ve gone to leadership conferences.I’ve been mentored by some really great leaders.And I stay sharp by doing the one thing that is most important — I lead.




And it is a relief to know that, though I do not claim to have every answer or trick in the book by any means, I’ve been around long enough to stop second-guessing if I’ve got what it takes.Because God has given me one hard experience after another, one stretching opportunity after another, all to prepare for the next thing.




So I’m going to do this next thing with everything I’ve got. Because I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength and that includes this.


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