I have tears stinging in my eyes. This photo just makes me so mad. I think in the Bible this is what’s called righteous anger. I see this and I want to knock over some tables…clunk some heads together…take names…rush in…rescue.




This photograph fills me with rage and questions.




How can you put a price on a person?


How can anyone do this to a child?


What is going on in the mind of a person to buy a plane ticket to a foreign country and purchase a little girl for a few hours?




Oh, but I’m a sinner too. But I would never do something like this, I might reason.However, in reality, sin is sin.




And though I cannot imagine the heart of a person so cruel, nor can I barely let myself go to the place where I picture the children these things happen to, let alone the thought of what if it were my child…this reminds me of a few things.




Reality: This life is hard. There is a war going on. We have a very real enemy who is going after our souls and our lives.




Somehow, though, even more of a reality: We’ve been created for a purpose. We’re called to engage in this war. Our God is a very big God and He’s bigger than all the evil in this world put together and He’s going to win this thing in the end.




In the meantime, Lord, move me enough to do something about things like this that leave me shaking my head, full of dread and full of despair. Change those things in me to resolve and creativity and power. Help me drive out evil in Jesus’ powerful name.







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