I recently read an interview of a supermodel where she answered the question, What is your favorite time of the day?, with Doing homework with my kids.




Oh, be quiet. You are so full of it.




The couple hours right after school and before and through and after dinner when you are having to painfully relive your childhood is no mother’s favorite time of the day. She knows it and we all know it. People only say that when they’re famous and because it makes a good sound bite.




So I’ll be honest. I hate doing homework. Hate it. I’ve already gone to sixth grade. And seventh for that matter. And I don’t remember a) being as coddled through it as I seem to be doing with my own kids (my bad), and b) having nearly as much actual work as my kids do. My son came home with six subjects of homework today. He’s been in middle school for like five minutes. It’s overwhelming to him and to me and it’s wrong.




In fact, probably because I was on cold medication and had prayed for help (interesting combo), I got it in my head to grab my camera and take a picture of his pile of books to lighten the mood. When I starting running downstairs, Jack said, “Are you going into your office and shutting the door so you can scream?” Ha! Not a bad idea!




So I’m venting. Because I just spent about an hour with him pre-dinner, while making dinner, a few minutes after dinner, and we’ll have to tackle it again after football practice. And I’m ticked. Okay, I’m done.




An hour later…but wait…if I am to do what Scripture says…as in, the verses I just read today, I am not to be grumbling.I am to be patient and stand firm because the Lord is near.I am to remind myself that I need to be thankful that my son is capable of learning and attends a good school and that this is all a blip on the big picture of life.So we’ll try that tomorrow.



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