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“Thank you so very much for answering so promptly to my email! This brings me so much clarity and confirmation on my next steps. I praise God for leading me to you.” e-coaching client

The number-one request I receive is this:

Can I email you my story and get your thoughts?

When I first started out creating this ministry over six years ago, my answer was YES! And I read and answered every single email.

But, as you can imagine, as time went by and my private Facebook groups grew and my blog readership grew and my email list grew, I could no longer read and respond to every email from every hurting woman. (Which, if you know me at all, breaks my heart.)

I have created a TON of coaching options – thirty-minute coaching calls, forty-five-minute coaching calls, sixty-minute coaching calls, four-week self-guided e-courses, one- and three- month intensives – but those may not fit what some of you need right this minute.

Some of you still want and need to be able to write out your story, send it to me, and have me weigh in.

So, with this new offering, I hope to be able to help even more of you.

INTRODUCING e-coaching: You sign up here, send me an email, and I will respond within two days with some personalized suggestions for your next steps.

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