Difficult Marriage


So, sweet girl,


You are in a marriage that is harder than the average marriage,
and I bet you are weary and confused and lonely.

I am so, very sorry.

But here’s what you need to know:

You are not alone.
You are not crazy.
I get it. Because I’ve been you.
God sees you and knows your pain and loves you completely.


Here are my best resources for your difficult situation:

World Split Open:
My novel is a story of a Christian couple whose marriage is breaking apart day after day.

Surviving in a Difficult Christian Marriage:
This e-book is my best advice and suggestions compiled from reader questions and twenty years of life experience.

National Abuse Hotline:

Safety Plan:
Domestic Violence Safety Plan

Need a safe place to stay?
Domestic Shelters

Counselor Finder:
Biblical Counseling

Mentoring Recommendation


MarriageMentor will be for those of you living daily in difficult marriages, trying to stay with integrity and dignity. We will tackle topics like how to define and accept your reality, how to remain respectful, how to process your anger and trust issues, and how to live an abundant life in the middle of your pain, questions that I’m asked all the time by those of you in hard marriages. It is a one-month, in-depth virtual course with articles, assignments, tips, webcasts, and the option of a one-on-one monthly phone call.  Offered year-round.