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Divergent Days

When you are the mother in a blended family, you feel pulled in ways you didn’t when it was you and the original husband/dad and the original children. You all did your thing. You and your husband tag-team’d sports events and appointments (or maybe you did them on...

When Your Choices Hurt Your Children

Several years ago, I chose to finally get the help that my first marriage needed. It didn’t end well. It didn’t end with reconciliation, despite the prayer and time and efforts of many, many people. It ended with a separation that ended with a divorce that broke apart...

My Sweet Little Blended Flying-Away Family

Last summer, one month after we got married, I messed some things up. Richard and I went to Michigan with my two kids.  With just my two kids. Because my kids and I had been going to Michigan for six years and I believed the tradition should continue for their sake....

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