Screw Up

I’ve always felt just a tad less normal than most people. Less put together. Way needier. A huge disappointment. Less capable of taking care of myself. Not a grown-up. Weak. Lazy. Pretty much a screw-up. As if every day, at the end of my day, I could do a mental...

I Want to Be Healed. NOW.

Back when my first marriage was hanging by a thread, had someone said to me, We need you to agree to the following: eight adults will know every detail of your life and marriage; you will have to meet with two counselors, two mentors and a mediator weekly, along with...

I Call Marriage

I don’t watch a ton of TV but I have a new show this year, This is Us. And there was one scene between two of the main characters, a married couple with two kids, that struck me so poignantly. Randall and Beth were discussing their crazy schedule and how one of their...

5 Ways To Experience God In Your Pain

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