Words Haunt

I was running errands the other day, driving in an area that I’m often in, passing landmarks I frequently pass. But this day, for some reason, the hotel on the corner caught my eye…one of the handful of hotels my kids and I stayed in during the most chaotic season of...

Advice-Giving 101 (not that you asked)

I used to be a reckless unsolicited advice-giver. I had no problem telling everyone how I thought they should be living their lives better (even though mine was a complete shambles relationally and emotionally for a couple of decades there). But then I found my way to...

Your Tribe

I recently spent the morning with a friend and on my way to meet up with her, I realized that we had met thirty years ago. I immediately thought of all we’ve been through and how steadfast of a friend she has been to me. I have been in a season of feeling...

5 Ways To Experience God In Your Pain

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