More Jesus

The day after I asked Jesus into my heart all the way back when I was 15, I went to school all dressed up – skirt, heals, curled my hair, the whole nine years – and floated around all day. Umm, I mean that pretty literally. I actually physically felt like...

Let’s start the new year right!

Who hates resolutions? Me! But who loves fresh starts? WE ALL DO!!! If you love a good ol’ fashioned clean slate, let’s jumpstart our 2019 together! On January 4, I am launching an intensive (but fun!) e-course that will take us through the month of January. We’re...

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

So you’re married. And it’s hard. Like, it’s harder than you thought it would be. Maybe there’s a lot of fighting. Or he’s been unfaithful. Or there’s an addiction. Or abuse. Or pornography. Or utter boredom. Or you’re roommates at best. And in the quietness of your...

Restore Your Sanity with These Questions

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