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I get emails from strangers frequently asking me very specific advice about their situations. I always answer pretty much the same way: I’m so sorry for your pain [and I truly am]. My suggestion would be to find a Christian counselor, a Bible-believing church, and...

Rebuilding Trust

Question: How do I forgive my spouse, and what is the difference between forgiving him and trusting him? This is about the weightiest of all topics, isn’t it?  Let me start by saying that I believe we are all called to forgive everyone for what they’ve done to us, but...

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

So you’re married. And it’s hard. Like, it’s harder than you thought it would be. Maybe there’s a lot of fighting. Or he’s been unfaithful. Or there’s an addiction. Or abuse. Or pornography. Or utter boredom. Or you’re roommates at best. And in the quietness of your...