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Mid-Year Review

Like any business owner, it’s important that I check in periodically with how I’m doing, with what I’ve accomplished, with my stats, with the growth I’ve taken and the growth I’ve fostered in others. So I’ve decided to (vulnerably) share what God has graciously...

Risk, Failure & Persevering

I recently made the decision to take a risk and set up a retreat in South Carolina, where I had never been and had no connections. (Why pick South Carolina if you didn’t know anyone, a person with a brain might ask. Because there are over eighty women in one of...

Beauty for Ashes

Have you been through something hard? Do you feel benched? Do you have a hard time seeing how your pain could ever be used for good? Do you feel passionless? Do you feel you don’t have a calling? Do you want to use your pain to help others? Do you want...