Screw Up

I’ve always felt just a tad less normal than most people. Less put together. Way needier. A huge disappointment. Less capable of taking care of myself. Not a grown-up. Weak. Lazy. Pretty much a screw-up. As if every day, at the end of my day, I could do a mental...

Addicted to Pain

I know someone who is in so much pain she causes pain in almost all of her relationships, and yet, she has no idea. She is the common denominator in a handful of conflict resolution sessions at her church. She is known for her rough edges, for not keeping her mouth...

Stop Praying for Your Husband

I have written or said the following words… pray for your husband… probably a thousand times. And yet, I have also been known to write the following words… stop praying for your husband. Some might say that those two concepts don’t sync up. Some might say I’m talking...

5 Ways To Experience God In Your Pain

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