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More Jesus

The day after I asked Jesus into my heart all the way back when I was 15, I went to school all dressed up - skirt, heals, curled my hair, the whole nine yards - and floated around all day. Umm, I mean that pretty literally. I actually physically felt like I was...

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Anxiety is My New Companion

I’ve talked about my struggles with worry and mild depression but something new is coming into play in my life these days. Anxiety, which I’m finding, is different than worry. Worry, for me, is when I ruminate about something that isn’t happening in that moment…either...

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Winter Blues

If you live in a region where there are four distinct seasons as I do, then you know what it feels like to look down the barrel of six months of grey, of cold, of rain, of snow, of blah. Some people are blessed with a love of all things Fall (daughter #1) and a...

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You Won’t Always Feel This Way

Ever feel or think or say or journal or pray (or scream) the following... I feel like a failure. I feel done. I feel unloved. I feel like I will be alone forever. I feel irreversibly broken. I feel like I hate my ex-husband. I feel like I messed up my children. I get...

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