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Decision-Making 101

Every day we are faced with big and little decisions. Some are super easy and take zero thought. Some, however, take the wisdom of God because they are weighty and life-altering. When I’m up against something huge, I try one or all of these tips to make sure I’m...

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Share that Thing

I spoke at a retreat a ways back and though I touched on quite a few points in the two talks I gave, one of the topics I broached was one of my sin stories.  I think I have this thing with just telling complete strangers all the details of my life and then letting...

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Healing or Stuck?

I have the opportunity through my writing and speaking to both virtually and in-reality meet many, many women who are hurting and broken due to their hard marriages or their divorces. It’s bittersweet, of course, because I wish this kind of pain just didn’t exist and...

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Do You Feel Alone?

Do you feel alone? I get it, I really do. Because deep down, I used to as well...for a very long time. When I was in my hard marriage, ohmylands, no one understood me. I'd drop bits and pieces of my reality into a conversation and either get blank stares in return or,...

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Are you #livingyourbestlife?

Do you wish there were more to this life? #livingmybestlife probably started trending when some celebrity posted a selfie on Instagram while skiing in the Alps or tanning in Turks & Caicos. Now my besties and I text it to each other with utter sarcasm: just dumped my...

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Favorite Things

Okay, so I’m no Oprah but I do have a current list of favorite things that I want to pass along to you. FYI, they’re pretty random but they're awesome! YourSuper: Okay, if you know me at all, you know that I have started my day with a smoothie (banana, kale, berries,...

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I’m Divorced. Now What??

The first few minutes, hours, and days will envelop you like a fog, whether you’re the leaver or the left.  Trust me.  I stood there before the bench and heard the judge ask my spouse, “Is your marriage over?” and I heard this response: “Yes.” And in my head (after...

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