I Call Marriage

I don’t watch a ton of TV but I have a new show this year, This is Us. And there was one scene between two of the main characters, a married couple with two kids, that struck me so poignantly. Randall and Beth were discussing their crazy schedule and how one of their...

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Words Haunt

I was running errands the other day, driving in an area that I’m often in, passing landmarks I frequently pass. But this day, for some reason, the hotel on the corner caught my eye…one of the handful of hotels my kids and I stayed in during the most chaotic season of...

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My Husband & I are Living Together, Finally

My husband resigned from his job, after almost two years of attempting to secure a transfer, after over twenty months of the two of us living together only part-time as husband and wife. Truth be told, we felt like friends with benefits at times. Like one of those...

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In my life right now, there are a handful of scenarios that are leaving me hanging. I am the poster child for limbo living these days. Richard and I have been married for over a year-and-a-half, and we have yet to live together full-time. To say it’s been lonely and...

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5 Ways To Experience God In Your Pain

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