Getting UnStuck

We were on a beach. In Florida. In January. The sun was high up in the sky, a light breeze coming off the Gulf of Mexico, 76 degrees. I was sitting next to my love. We’d been there for three days. Everything was perfect. Circumstantially. But I took a deep breath and...

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Choose Well

The older I get, the more time I reflect on what went wrong in my first marriage, and the more time I log in this second marriage of mine, the more I realize what are the most important factors to look for in choosing a life partner. Our beloved Jesus said to us… “In...

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Emotional Acres

Many years ago, someone close to me was in a crisis. It was bad. And I mean, really, really bad. And I was walking pretty closely through it all. Like, very closely. As if it were my own crisis. And I remember a mutual friend asking how this person was handling all of...

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Reflecting on 2016 & Your Heart

Every year now for probably a dozen years or so, I spend some time thinking back on the previous year. I do three things: I read through all of my journals from the past year, I read all of the sweet notes I have received from friends and family during the previous...

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Oh sweet one, it’s finally here.  He is finally here. We may have trudged through this holiday season, limping emotionally, dragging baggage and pain and fear and unknowns. We may have put up the tree, we may have written the family letter, we may have bought everyone...

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Broken at Christmastime

No one wants to feel broken at Christmas. But you do. We want brokenness to stop for holidays and special events, but life just isn’t like that.  So here you are. You are moving slowly. You are hurting. You feel listless, painfully aware of what’s not right in your...

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Holiday Gathering Survival Tips

Do holiday gatherings freak you out? Ever feel like breathing into a paper bag just before walking through the door of a family party? Does your idea of a party consist of you on your couch, in your jammies, with hot chocolate while Netflix-ing some Christmas movie?...

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Wrapping Up the Year

Sweet ones, It’s so hard to believe it’s already December and we’re looking at another year ending. I’m writing this as our first snow is falling, in front of our Christmas tree and a fire going in the fireplace. It’s been another challenging and beautiful...

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5 Ways To Experience God In Your Pain

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