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Divorced & Anti-Divorce

I have haters. I don’t really care about them all that much anymore, but I’ve got them. Over the past few years, I have received some horrible messages: You hate men! I don’t, I love men…well, allow me to rephrase…in general I respect good men and I love my man....

7 Days of Prayer for the Separated/Divorced

Though I don’t believe that prayer is like having a genie in a bottle grant you all your wishes, I do believe that prayer is mysterious and even magical in its own way. It connects us to Something bigger and outside ourselves, to Someone in control of all the things...

Crazy Ex-Girlfriends & Bitter Ex-Wives

Yeah, I’ve been both. I didn’t grow up wanting to be either. It’s not like it was a goal of mine or something on my to-do list to become this otherworldly reactionary woman who shape-shifted based off the actions of her boyfriend or husband, but I did. And I’m...

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