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Healing or Stuck?

I have the opportunity through my writing and speaking to both virtually and in-reality meet many, many women who are hurting and broken due to their hard marriages or their divorces. It’s bittersweet, of course, because I wish this kind of pain just didn’t exist and...

Do You Feel Alone?

Do you feel alone? I get it, I really do. Because deep down, I used to as well…for a very long time. When I was in my hard marriage, ohmylands, no one understood me. I’d drop bits and pieces of my reality into a conversation and either get blank stares in...

Are you #livingyourbestlife?

Do you wish there were more to this life? #livingmybestlife probably started trending when some celebrity posted a selfie on Instagram while skiing in the Alps or tanning in Turks & Caicos. Now my besties and I text it to each other with utter sarcasm: just...