Who Wants to Go on a Deeper Journey? - Elisabeth Klein

This is the shorter story:

I’m feeling led to try something totally different and you may be the kind of woman I’m looking for…are you:

…desiring more of God and wholeness and Hope in every aspect of your life?
…looking for more authentic connection with other women?
…ready and willing to commit to your own transformation in a new way?

If so, consider joining me for six months in 2019 going on a Deeper Journey. Watch me talk about it here and then apply here today. I’m only taking 30 women along on this journey and applications have already started to roll in. The deadline to apply is December 15.

I’d love to have you join me!

Now, this is the longer story:

When I was a little girl, I felt I was alone in the world. And not enough.
When I was a teenager, I was searching for something. (And, oh so gratefully, sweet Jesus found me.)
When I was in my hard marriage, I thought I was the only one.
When I was going through my divorce, my pain sometimes led to isolation.

But something happened during that time…women found me and I found them. Like-minded women. Hurting women. Women in my shoes.

And so I took that as leading from God and I spent five years supporting women in difficult marriages and those going through divorces through writing books, e-books, and blogs. And the women came. And they read. And I heard from them.

I then created several Facebook communities. And the women came. And they connected. And they felt heard.

A few years ago, I created mentoring e-courses. And the women came. And they opened up to me. And they felt supported.

And in 2018, I honed in on custom coaching. And the women came. And I poured into them. And they transformed.

All of these have been immensely fulfilling and, I’ve been told, deeply needed and helpful to the women I’m trying to reach.

This coming year, I’m trying something new.

I want to go deeper.

To do that, I’m doing something scary: I’m going to scale back on writing, speaking, and taking on fewer one-on-one coaching clients. This is a big leap for me. It’s counter-intuitive for me to quote-unquote do less.

But I am feeling compelled in this. This doesn’t feel like something I just came up with. It feels like something that was planted in me. (At least, I hope it has been!)

But to go deeper, I need to focus in. And here’s how.

I’m creating a six-month group coaching experience (via Facebook) for 30 women. Only 30 women.

30 select women.

I’d go so far as to say 30 certain kind of women.

And I’m wondering if you are the kind of woman I am looking for…
…desiring more of God and wholeness and Hope in every aspect of your life?
…looking for more authentic connection with other women?
…ready and willing to commit to your own transformation in a new way?

If you answered YES to all of three, I invite you to be a part of my new 6-month group coaching experience that I’m calling Deeper Journey.

Something happened to me this past year. Or I guess better put, something happened within me. I started this past year feeling rattled, anxious and a deep sadness.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve felt those things before. But something felt different this time around.

I’ve been trying to walk with Jesus since I was 15…that is a long, long time, girls. I’ve traveled through many, many difficult seasons. But this hard season felt like it stripped me of some layers and left me even more vulnerable than I already feel, even less in control than I like to pretend that I am, even more dependent on God to do something, anything, around me and in me.

And He did.

And I want that to continue.

But I don’t want it to continue alone.

I could keep doing what I’m doing on my own. But I believe in the power of community.

And to be clear: I don’t just want to take you along on my journey. Nope.

I want us to journey together.

I may take the lead in some aspects, but I want to learn from each one of you.

Here’s what I’m hoping we’ll accomplish:

…deeper intimacy with God
…living from a place of real capital-H Hope not small circumstantial lower-case-h hope
…trusting that we can move in and through the world in freedom and joy because we are SO TOTALLY LOVED as we are
…genuine support and friendship, as we encourage and nudge and inspire each other
…and whatever else you need and God wants!

Here’s how we’ll do it:

∞We will spend the first several months of 2019 together in a private Facebook community.
∞We will cover a new topic each month, basically going through several e-courses together, tackling issues like intimacy with God (February), healthy relationships (March), getting unstuck (April), worry (May), redemption coming from our pain (June), and kicking off the year with how to have a fresh start (January).
∞We will interact daily.
∞We will engage in weekly readings and journaling exercises.
∞We will participate in bi-monthly webcasts.

I’m struggling to put into words what my full hopes are for this experience…perhaps because I’m typically a planner by nature and though I have a framework in mind, I truly want to build this with you. And maybe because I really want to see what God wants to do…and you can’t preplan that!

I am grateful for the women who have already applied. That has sparked my hope that we just might be onto something special. .

And I am praying for the rest of you who are considering this.

Filling out this application is your first step, and a small deposit will hold your spot (your subscription won’t begin until January).

Will you go on this deeper journey with me?