I was told I shouldn't be writing during my divorce. 
I was told I couldn't host a small group in my home.
I was told I wouldn't be speaking at a Christmas event.
I was told a lot of other things too.

All because of my pain.

I felt benched. And I felt ashamed.

But I didn't stay down for long. Because I realized that I had something unique to offer women who were in my circumstances.

And sweet girl, SO DO YOU.

Have you been through something hard?
Do you battle the voices in your head (from yourself, from others, from our enemy) telling you that you can’t do such-and-such?

Do you have a difficult time imagining how your pain could ever be used for good?
Do you feel passionless?
Do you feel like you don't have a calling?
Do you want to use your pain to help others?
Do you want redemption?
Do you want to see God bring beauty from your ashes?

I have been in your shoes. I have turned my misery into my ministry, my mess into my message, and I want to walk you towards your beauty-for-ashes story.

I want to create an army of women who aren't defined by their pain but instead what they did with it and the beauty that came out of it. You in?

This three-week e-course begins May 4.

It will include:
3 weekly articles
3 weekly assignments
3 weekly webcasts on YOUR questions & circumstances
1 private Facebook group moderated by Elisabeth

We will take a look back at our pain, we will deconstruct the voices we’ve battled, and we’ll examine how God might want to use us in our unique ways and with our unique circumstances, including creating our own manifesto.

Register TODAY!

NEW!!! Helping Women Add-On
This one-week add-on is for those who are taking Beauty for Ashes and who want to work on figuring out how they can start a support group online or IRL or begin a ministry to hurting women

This extra week includes:
1 article
1 assignment
1 webcast

To sign up for the extra week, register for Beauty for Ashes FIRST and then register for the add-on week HERE.

Space is limited and registration closes 5/2!


I have a free gift for you!

My e-book collection of essays, You’re Going to Make It Through, will encourage you to keep moving forward and regain some hope!

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